Battlefield 3 Double XP This Weekend

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
Just in time for the new "Close Quarters" map pack DLC, will be running a Double XP event this weekend, kicking off at 12:01am PDT on June 16th and running until 11:59pm PDT on the next day. Friday's game time won't count as double XP, unfortunately, but it gives players all of Saturday and Sunday to get acquainted with the new maps, return to the older ones, rank up, and maybe pick up some of the online achievements. All ranked servers, maps, and game modes are included.

If you're a member of Battlefield Premium, the newest map pack is readily available. Everyone else will have to wait a few more weeks to pick it up for 1200 MSP, or you can purchase the Premium membership for 4000 MSP.

In case you're bad with timezone exchanges, DICE sent out this key to inform you when it starts in your region:
Los Angeles: 00:01 June 16
London: 8:01 AM June 16
Stockholm: 9:01 AM June 16
Tokyo: 4:01 PM June 16
For you gamers in the UK, it's great timing. You can pair up the double XP with your free Xbox LIVE Gold weekend.
Credit for this story goes to JungleWookiee
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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