Walter Gets a Debut Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Blossom Minds is a French indie studio with ten co-founders formed just a year ago. Their collective experience is being pooled into the creation of a debut game for Xbox LIVE Arcade, a game called Walter. Usually new games are confirmed with a press release covering the initial announcement, including details such as the game's premise. There has been no such announcement for Walter.

Not to worry though; today saw the release of the debut trailer for the game. From this trailer, I can deduce that the game follows a bag of water with googly eyes, which is tied to a piece of string to help it navigate treacherous environments such as the back garden and the kitchen sink.

Ok, I joke. Despite the jolly appearance of the proper gameplay in the trailer, the story is a little bleaker. Some time in the near future, the world's oil reserves have completely dried up. Not to be accused of being non-resourceful, a company has managed to transform clean water into oil, but this is causing the complete destruction of the natural environment. Walter, a drop of water, is nature's last hope of stopping the company's dastardly plans.

13/6/12 Walter 4

To navigate across the various environments, Walter will be able to change his state to ice and steam. Liquid nitrogen and sunlight will become vital tools (or a hindrance) as the blob of water navigates his way to success.

13/6/12 Walter 1

13/6/12 Walter 2

13/6/12 Walter 3

13/6/12 Walter 5

Walter is due to be released in 2013.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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