Danish Film Institute Unveils Six Games

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
You wouldn't usually associate games with the Danish Film Institute. Despite this, the Institute runs the Play Scheme, which provides financial assistance for the development of digital games for children and adolescents. Developers can apply for a share of the $20 million that have been put aside across the entire Film Agreement contract period that ends in 2014. The most recent application deadline was spring 2012, and the Institute has recently updated its website with a list of games that have received funding during this period. Amongst the list of eight games were two that are likely to prove of interest to readers here.

Progressive Media's side-scrolling platformer adventure game is in development for the Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Players assume the role of a "quirky old man with a cane in his hand" who sees that things aren't as they should be in this hand drawn world. To correct this, the man creates a stabilizer machine in the past so that it can improve the future, but the future can only be improved by travelling back and forward through time. Many obstacles will obstruct his way and he'll have to solve many puzzles to proceed forward.

15/6/12 Chronology

The Gentleman
Not much was said about Space Time Foam's Xbox LIVE Arcade rhythm game for Kinect. The game is inspired by thirties swing and will see players dancing down the street with style and elegance.

As well as the spring 2012 approvals, the Institute provided a list of projects that were successful during the last application period, which ended in autumn 2011. Of the 18 games from this period, four will be of interest to us, including Playdead's follow up to the million selling LIMBO (Xbox 360).

Project 2
Project 2 is the working title for Playdead's next project for the Xbox 360. The puzzle platform adventure title again follows the struggles of one boy against the forces of evil. Through experiments on the human body, the evil forces are hoping to take over the world. Unlike the 2D black and white appearance of Limbo, this game will be in a coloured 3D environment. The platforming elements will still be 2D though.

15/6/12 Project 2

This game was formally known as Faith of the Guardians. The action RPG takes place in a fantasy gladiator setting, where up to four players have to "find their purpose" in the Moon Gore Arenas. A Guardian called Balfus, a veteran warrior who has been changed into the shape of an orb, will train you to use special powers in combat to help you succeed. He can be summoned at will to unleash special powers that can only be used through the co-operation of the team members. Different player classes will have different combat techniques. The game is due to be released later this year.

SlowMo Showdown
SlowMo Showdown is the working title for KnapNok Games' slow-motion Kinect duelling game. Players find themselves in a punk sci-fi environment where they must battle each other in Matrix-style bullet time. Lasers can be shot out of your hands and feet, while you have to dodge the incoming attacks from your opponent. The game will support drop-in, drop-out play that is ideal for social situations.

15/6/12 SlowMo Showdown

Enyo - The Dreaming
Not much was said about Apex - Virtual Entertainment's action adventure game that is intended to be heading to the Xbox 360. The game is based on the animated TV series The Legend of Enyo.

We'll bring you more details on these games as we find them!
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