Project Cars Partnership With Lotus Race Cars

By Graymouse 1, 6 years ago
Recently, Slightly Mad Studios announced that Project CARS will feature no less than ten iconic Lotus race cars thanks in part to a new partnership with Classic Team Lotus. The ten Classic Lotus Race Cars that will featured in Project CARS are:

1962 Lotus 25 (Formula One car)
1965 Lotus 40 (open-top sports car)
1965 Lotus 38 (Indy 500 winner)
1967 Lotus 49 (Formula One car)
1970 Lotus 49C (Formula One car)
1967 Lotus 51 (Formula Ford car)
1968 Lotus 56 (Indy Car)
1970 Lotus 72 (Formula One car)
1977 Lotus 78 (Formula One car)
1986 Lotus 98T (Formula One car)

The successful racing heritage of Team Lotus will live on in Project CARS as the title will allow players to experience some of Lotus’ most spectacular and accomplished race cars that have been competing in series around the world.

The selection includes cars that won multiple Formula One constructors’ and drivers’ championships as well as the prestigious Indy 500. The chosen cars also highlight Lotus’ striving towards innovation as some of the models introduced groundbreaking new technologies such as monocoques, ground effect aerodynamics and turbine engines.
Unfortunately, we do not have screenshots for these racing icons as of yet. As soon as they are released you better believe we will be putting them on display here at TA, so stay tuned.

Currently, Project Cars is being developed and released for the PC in 2013. Slightly Mad Studios hopes to bring the game to the Xbox 360 shortly afterwards.