NCAA Football 13 'Making of' Preview Video

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
This year's iteration in the popular college football simulation franchise, NCAA Football 13, looks set to celebrate the sport's 20th anniversary in style by introducing a bundle of improvements.

The following video, which at first glance may seem misleading due to its title and intro, actually serves as a preview of the 'making of' footage which EA Sports has planned for the near future. The preview footage promises that NCAA Football 13 will be bursting with "...dynamic new passing features, new defensive strategy, Dynasty upgrades, authentic sights and sounds... and Heisman mode".

The actual behind-the-scenes action in question will be the subject of two ESPN 'Making of' episodes at 7:30pm EST on both June 19th and July 24th.

NCAA Football 13 will take to the field on July 10th, but you may as well warm-up in the meantime by playing the game demo.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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