Awesomenauts Patch Detailed

By DavieMarshall,
There's a new patch in the works for 80's cartoon loving Awesomenauts, and we've got the full rundown for you.

The latest patch looks at balancing, and keeping the fight fair. So what's new and improved? Firstly Voltars' fearsome drones have seen a reduction in their ability to obliterate enemy turrets with ease:

They are too effective at tanking turrets and their maximum damage output is a bit too high. So we've reduced the drone base health and replaced the Force Fields item with an item that makes the drone shots blind enemies. To compensate, the drones now explode and deal a bit of damage when they die. This ties in with our second change: replacing the second shot damage item with an item that improves their explosion upon destruction. Both these changes make the drones better at support and defense, as they were originally intended.
Leon Chameleon has had some attention too after gamers noted that the tongue lash ability wasn't quite as useful as it could be. To this end, updates to the effectiveness of this attack have been detailed:

Upgrading Leons tongue ability, while sacrificing your melee damage, will now be a relevant strategic option.
Next up Sheriff Lonestar's rampaging bull gets an extra kick:

Lonestar's bull will get an item that makes it explode on death, dealing some hefty aoe damage. This item will replace the bull speed upgrade.
And finally there's a change to the power up item, Power Pill which is replaced with a one time only health boost:

We've also replaced the Power Pills Turbo items with an item that increases your health by a small amount for free, once. This will be a useful tool for players who want some extra early-game power at the cost of more late-game oriented items.
Ronimo have said that there is currently no ETA on the updates which will arrive as a grouped update. They are currently working on greatly improving matchmaking connectivity and awaiting certification on the package. We'll let you know more soon!

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