Call of Duty: ELITE Content Drop Is Now Ready

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Call of Duty: ELITE premium members should get their guns locked and loaded as the monthly content drop has arrived for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The freshly-brewed content will feature a new spec-ops mission and three new face-off maps.

Without further hesitation, let's get the ball rolling and showcase what you will be receiving in this ELITE content care package.

Arctic Recon
Elite Drop #12 June 19th

Requiring surgical precision by air, land, and sea, this new Special Ops mission tasks you with destroying a Russian battleship by planting beacons for an air strike. Take control of a recon helicopter to reveal the beacon locations before fighting off forces on the ground to ensure the ship never leaves port.
Elite Drop #12 June 19th

No storm shelter can keep you safe in “Vortex,” the all-new "Face Off" map that places you just outside the danger zone of a devastating tornado.
Elite Drop #12 June 19th

A bombed-out, gridlocked highway provides a perfect backdrop for combatants on this all-new "Face Off" map, where oil fields burn black high above six-lanes' worth of abandoned cars, buses and paths for attack.
Elite Drop #12 June 19th

A New York bridge overpass provides the backdrop for this all-new "Face Off" map in which an ultra-condensed 2-block battle zone allows players to fight on the first and second floors of surrounding apartments and bombed-out bodegas.
Call of Duty: ELITE premium members will be able to download the new content from the in-game menu. If you are not an ELITE premium member, you can still nab the two content collections from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Stay frosty!