Capcom Announces Mega Man 10

By zigs00, 9 years ago
Obviously not to be confused with the completely different Mega Man X franchise, Capcom recently announced the 10th installment in the original Mega Man series, set to hit the XBL Marketplace next March. The game, much like last year's Mega Man 9, will return gamers to the nostalgic perfection of classic 2D Mega Man gameplay, embracing retro platform action and NES-inspired old-school graphics.

The year is 20XX and a suspicious outbreak of Roboenza, a Robot Flu, has broken out. It spreads through the world like wildfire bringing down robots everywhere. Infected robots have rampaged out of control, destroying the city and holding it hostage! Who’s behind this mess? It’s up to Mega Man to take on this sinister threat and get to the bottom of this viral mystery.

Through-out Mega Man’s adventure he’ll take on the malfunctioning infected robots and classic-style bosses that can only be found in Mega Man games. Each one has their own unique weapons and vulnerabilities. Of course the creator of the original Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, is in charge of directing and supervising those boss character designs and delivers the wildest villains the series has seen yet.

Great new additions to Mega Man 10 include the option to play as fan-favourite character Proto Man from the start, as well as an all new “Easy Mode” which will allow more fans to indulge in the challenges that make the series great. Additionally, “Mega Man Challenges” mode will allow players to practice their skills and prepare for the hair-raising adventures ahead of them.

Launching March 2010 for all three gaming platforms, Mega Man 10 is the must- have download for Capcom fans both young and old. The retro elements will make this a delicious treat for those who long for the days of nail-biting platform experiences and the new difficulty mode will definitely allow more gamers to enjoy this incredible skill-based romp.
Thank god they're including an Easy Mode! While Mega Man 9 was utter nostalgic joy, perfectly taking you back to the late 80s platforming classics, it was overwhelmingly hard, possibly even more punishing than the NES games of yore. I'm definitely up for any reminiscently retro gaming, but constant death is not much fun at all. As much as a noob it might make me sound, i'm definitely glad there's an easier difficulty.

Check the official website for some gorgeous screenshots and a trailer:
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