Retail & GFWL DLC Roundup: June 19th, 2012

By Rebecca Smith,
This week sees DLC releases for seven Xbox 360 retail games and one GFWL games. None of the games add extra achievements to their list, but at least we don't have region exclusive DLC. Here is this week’s list:

Birds of Steel (Released June 13th)
• "Map Pack 1 Battle of Britain" – 480 MSP
This DLC adds one of the most famous WWII air battles - Battle of Britain. It adds layout for Mission Editor, full new Dynamic Campaign, 5 historical based single missions and 3 Versus maps.
Battle of Britain 1

Battle of Britain 2

Battle of Britain 3

• "Planes Pack 1: P-47 Thunderbolt & OS2U Kingfisher" – 400 MSP
This DLC contains world famous Republic Aviation's P-47 Thunderbolt and Vought OS2U Kingfisher planes with fully functional cockpits. Planes will be available in Mission Editor, Dynamic Campaign and Versus.
OS2U Kingfisher

P-47 Thunderbolt

Dance Central 2
• "Hot in Herre - Nelly" – 240 MSP

Dragon's Dogma
• "From a Different Sky - Part 5" – 80 MSP
The fifth batch of 10 quests in the series, 'From a Different Sky.' Their goals are simple: obtain special medallions. But it will take all your smarts to get them all. Check the notice board below the Pawn Guild to begin! *Some quests may only be taken on or completed at certain points in the story, or with certain combinations of vocations and skills. *A maximum of 6 quests appear on each notice board at a time. Please clear a few if you don't see your new purchases right away.
• "Set Out for Adventure - The Right Tools" – 80 MSP
This pack will increase inventory at Aestella's shop in Cassardis, allowing you to face any adventure with ample protection. You'll also receive 2000 Rift Crystals. Band together with high-level pawns and set out for adventure! *Rift crystals can only be applied once per saved data.
• "Set Out for Adventure - The Best Offense" – 80 MSP
This weapons pack will stock your item storage with dependable weapons for Fighter, Strider and Mage. With an Iron Sword, a set of Criteria, and a Wooden Staff, each enhanced to level 2, your adventuring will be a piece of Cassardian fishcake. *This bonus can only be applied once per saved data. If the items are discarded or given away during gameplay, they will be lost.
• "Set Out for Adventure - A Great Defense" – 80 MSP
This armor pack will stock your item storage with sturdy armors for Fighter, Strider and Mage. A Farewell Hood, Farewell Gloves, and a Farewell Cloak will help you no matter your new vocation, making your adventures sweet and easy as Meloirean pie. *This bonus can only be applied once per saved data.
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PC) (Released June 13th)
• "Spec Ops DLC Missions 5-7" – $9.99 / £6.75
3 new missions. The culmination of the Spec Ops mission to find the truth behind the Raccoon City outbreak. The elite Spec Ops are closing in on Umbrella and the Umbrella Security Service squad, but new threats and challenges cause them to side track as they help other survivors including Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin. As well as the ever present danger posed by the USS, zombies, Tyrants and Super Parasite Tyrants threaten to overwhelm you as Raccoon City decends into Hell. Missions locations include the secret Umbrella facility lab; the city hospital, the dead factory and finally a desperate fight for safe extraction from the city via rescue helicopter.
Rock Band 3 – as detailed in Friday’s post
• "Fireflies - Owl City" – 160 MSP
• "The Adventure - Angels & Airwaves" – 160 MSP
• "In My Head - Queens of the Stone Age" – 160 MSP

Here is a list of the songs approved by Rock Band Network community that have been released since last Tuesday:

• "Full Song – From the Blue/Point of No Return“ (An Endless Sporadic) – 80 MSP
Free trial:
• "Full Song – Circus Black (2x Bass Pedal)“ (Amberian Dawn) – 160 MSP
Free trial:
• "Full Song – Circus Black“ (Amberian Dawn) – 160 MSP
Free trial:
• "Full Song – The Will“ (Die Hard Till Death) – 160 MSP
Free trial:
• "Full Song – Reckless & Relentless (2x Bass Pedal)“ (Asking Alexandria) – 160 MSP
Free trial:
• "Full Song – Collide“ (Anarchy Club) – 160 MSP
Free trial:
• "Full Song – The Hourglass Paroxysm - Part II“ (Chaotrope) – 160 MSP
Free trial:

SoulCalibur V
• "Cepheus Compatibility Pack 6" – FREE
You must have the Cepheus Compatibility Pack 6 to purchase the following in Creation: - Bridal Costumes 1 - Music Festival 1
• "Bridal Costumes 1" – 240 MSP
We've prepared a pack of bride and groom costumes for June! See the in-game store for detailed information about this product. (Download "Cepheus Compatibility Pack 6" to view details.)
• "Music Festival 1" – 80 MSP
This period costume replicates musicians' clothes from a time period in which SOULCALIBUR takes place. See the in-game store for detailed information about this product. (Download "Cepheus Compatibility Pack 6" to view details.)
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
• "Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Emblem Pack" – FREE
A pack of emblems that can be affixed to your Vertical Tank. Includes the top user-created emblems as well as many others. Find one that suits your personality.
Warriors Orochi 3
New stages, in-game music and weapons.
New music to be used at previously cleared stages.
New costumes for 47 characters.
New wallpapers for 49 Dynasty characters.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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