Candy Covers A World of Keflings

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
"Candy for Keflings" is the second piece of DLC for A World of Keflings. Players will face Waldorf, an evil wizard, as well as a unicorn king, gingerbread keflings and bears. The amount of pink in the early screenshots was a little too startling for some, and these new screenshots seem to suggest that NinjaBee has toned it down a little.


Caramel Kefling

Carrying frosting

Carrying a fish

Granny on a mission

Harvesting caramel

Punching a cage

Talking to the Unicorn


As someone who voted for this DLC, I'm really impressed with the fantasy look of the world. Despite my keen interest, I still don't have a release window or price for you. What I do have is a teaser: during last night's Game With Devs event, NinjaBee promised to drop some hints about "what Keflings has going on AFTER a Candy for Keflings comes out". XBLAFans stated that "Candy for Keflings" would be the second of three pieces of DLC for the title. Personally I hope this means that either "Graveyard for Keflings" or "Pirates for Keflings" will also see the light of day. We'll let you know when we find out any more details.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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