Sonic Adventure 2 Leaked

By Chewie, 6 years ago
In case you didn't know, this week marks the 21st anniversary for a certain primary coloured, be-sneakered, erinaceid of unbelievable speed. To celebrate, we are already being treated to discounts for Sonic games as part of the current Xbox Live Deal of the Week. Well pull up your running socks, glug down that Gatorade and stretch your quads because it seems as though SEGA is planning their own celebration in honour of our favourite spike-ball.

A marketplace listing recently appeared (and was subsequently removed) for a little game entitled, an HD remake of the critically acclaimed Dreamcast original from back in 2001. The listing contained scant information about the title, but did reveal some speedy screenshots.

20/06/2012 - Screen 1

20/06/2012 - Screen 2

20/06/2012 - Screen 3

20/06/2012 - Screen 4

20/06/2012 - Screen 5

20/06/2012 - Screen 6

20/06/2012 - Screen 7

20/06/2012 - Screen 8

20/06/2012 - Screen 9

20/06/2012 - Screen 10

The XBLA release date for Sonic Adventure 2 was given as October 3rd on the now-removed listing. Look for more official information about the title soon, right here on TA.
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Written by Chewie
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