Metro: Last Light Trailer 'Making Of'

By Chewie, 6 years ago
About a month ago we brought you a live-action trailer for 4A Games' upcoming, sequel to 2010's atmospheric shooter Metro 2033.

Today, we can bring you the making of that trailer. Whilst it doesn't show any more of the game itself, it does reveal the processes behind creating something that captures some of the game's bleak atmosphere and the seeds of its epic story. It also includes some interesting tidbits, such as the process of matching the look of the game's protagonist, Artyom, and linking him to the baby in the opening scenes. For film fans out there, it's worth noting that the Director of Photography for the trailer was Mark Patten, who also shot some of the viral ads for Prometheus, including the TED talk and David 8 ad.

Metro: Last Light is due out in 2013.
Written by Chewie
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