Spec Ops: The Line Demo Moments Trailer

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Grenades can be great. A well placed and perfectly timed grenade can send a whole group of enemies sprawling in all directions. If, like me, you aren't so savvy with placement and timing, you'll be more likely to have grenades roll straight past the enemies and off a ledge, or stop short while the enemies just look at the explosion in front of them, smirking at your foolishness, and then there are those hilarious times when the grenade just bounces off a wall and lands back at your feet before exploding you into a vapour of ineptitude.

The guys at 2K games are so happy with the opportunities for grenade-based antics in their upcoming 3rd person shooter https://www.trueachievements.com/Spec-Ops-The-Line-xbox....htm that they've crafted a trailer of grenade moments from the game's demo.

To experience some perfect tossing for yourself, you can download the Spec Ops: The Line demo here. The game is due to be released on June 26th in North America and June 29th in Europe and Australia.
Written by Chewie
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