PSA: Scanners Down Till Monday [UPDATE]

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
It would seem that Xbox LIVE deployed a code update yesterday that, for whatever reason, has now rolled back to its previous state. This means the scanners are now merrily scanning away again and churning through the backlog we accrued yesterday.

Of course we don't know if this rollback will last hours, days or weeks so there's a small disclaimer here as we don't know if they'll go down again at some point over the weeked. For now we can say though that the scanners are online and banking achievements successfully.

Excellent news! If you notice any more hiccups or issues, please let us know in this article, or via our social feeds (linked at the bottom of the original post).

Thanks guys! (DavieMarshall)

Original article
Those of you who have hung around TA for a while know we've had our share of moments where we just can't control what takes our scanners offline. Usually, these moments are due to Microsoft making changes and the scanners needing a re-write to account for those changes. Seems like such a time is upon us once again, but unfortunately, we'll need a few days to rectify the situation. We just want to let you know the site is totally safe - no attacks or hacking - just a spat of bad timing and other elements out of our control.

It may seem like a long weekend without scanning, but don't forget that everything else TA offers is unaffected, from news, to gaming sessions, to achievement solutions and walkthroughs, so feel free take advantage of that as normal. You can also jump into chat to discuss how many spaces you'll be moving up the site leaderboards when you next get scanned. By Monday, June 25th, all will be righted again and you'll get all your points scanned as usual.

Just think, for those of you with over-take goals set against your friends, this is a perfect opportunity to sneak up and snatch a victory! Also, for those of you who are TA Pro Account holders, we'll be extending your Pro benefits for a week as a thank you for your patience during this time. To help ease the pain of a scanner-less weekend, we have an awesome competition coming up tomorrow where you have a chance to bag some swag that is absolutely fresh off the presses, so to speak!

To keep up-to date with the latest on the scanners, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Have a great weekend and happy gaming, everyone!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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