The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard Release Date

By Mr J Muffin, 6 years ago
The day has come, Elder Scrolls fans. The first DLC and Expansion for Skyrim, titled "Dawnguard", is right around the corner. Since its announcement, Bethesda had kept a relatively tight lid on it until E3 time, where a trailer and some screenshots were brought to light. With the announcement of beta signups for the DLC, June 26th was the tentative release date, "so long as nothing goes wrong". Well, according to an official tweet from Bethesda, June 26th is indeed the release date for "Dawnguard".

Dawnguard will be out Tuesday for 360 in English. FIGS 1.6 patch for 360 coming next week and Dawnguard FIGS will be out mid-July.

For those who are confused about "FIGS" as I was upon first reading this, it means 'French Italian German Spanish'. So, the patch that came out two weeks ago for North Americans will be available for, well, French, Italian, German and Spanish speaking people.

Get your swords, shields, bows and staves ready for Tuesday. "Dawnguard" will run you 1600 MSP.