Hitman Absolution Slaughters Hope City

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago

Case Number: 640509-050547
Date: June 23rd, 2012
Reporting Officer: Insp. B. Fournier
Incident: Shootings at Hope City Social Club

Details of event

On June 20th, 14 men were killed in a mass shootout at Hope City Social Club. There were no other injured persons. All of the victims have been identified as local residents and their families have been notified. The club sustained a very small amount of damage from the crossfire.

23/6/12 Hope News Times 7

Actions taken

The post mortem examinations have revealed that six of the men were killed by bullets from one gun. Seven victims were killed by a second weapon. The other victim was killed by a bullet fired from a third weapon. License records have revealed that eight of the victims owned handguns. Six weapons have been recovered from the club. Serial numbers on these weapons have matched the guns to victims of the shooting. Searches performed at the residences of the other victims have recovered the remaining two weapons. One of these weapons was responsible for the death of the single victim. We are unsure whether this was a deliberate shooting or whether the man was accidentally killed by a stray shot.

Our forensic team has been scouring the crime scene for evidence, but the weapons that killed the remaining 13 victims have yet to be found. Only two more bullets were recovered at the scene. Both bullets have been matched to weapons belonging to the victims. The small amount of crossfire suggests that the incident may have been over in seconds. Three of the weapons recovered from the club had not been fired and one was still in the holster belonging to its owner. The owners of these weapons appeared to have had very little time to react to the situation. No stray bullets can be matched to the two outstanding weapons, suggesting that the perpetrator was highly trained and extremely accurate.

We have managed to access grainy video footage from a mobile phone that was also recovered from the scene. The footage shows a peaceful scene before shots can be heard. The owner of the mobile turns towards the sound of the shots, but finds himself shot a split second later. At this point, the phone is dropped to the floor and the only footage captured is of the underside of the bar table. Bullets and shouting can be heard in the background before an eerie silence descends upon the scene. Several seconds later, a door can be heard closing in the distance. This is believed to be the sound of the front door as the perpetrator leaves the building. Although the footage was not of the highest quality, sound analysis has revealed that all but three of the shots were fired from the same direction, leading us to believe that the was a single perpetrator.

We have managed to create a still from this footage that shows a blurry, out-of-focus look at the hitman. We are still trying to process the still to see if a more detailed image is possible, although we have been told that it is likely that this is the best image that we will be able to use.

23/6/12 Hope News Screenshot


A motive for the attack remains unclear, but we are investigating whether there was anybody who had a grudge against any members of the Social Club. Chicago P.D. believes that it may be the same perpetrator behind the mass shooting at Richard Strong Jr.'s penthouse apartment in Chicago. Their force is sending several officers to Hope City to assist us with our enquiries.

We now believe that this case has links to the previous murders of Joe the Plumber, Gavin LeBlond and Josh Wiggins, the fatality at the McCready residence and the incident that caused the death of Fred Clark. Our investigations are ongoing, but we believe that Agent 47 has moved back into the area. Although we believe that Agent 47 does not have a personal vendetta against any of his victims, we must find the person responsible for giving the hitman his contracts. Both people must be caught.

We are now extremely concerned as to whether any of the incidents in Hope City are providing inspiration for the upcoming video game, Hitman: Absolution. The game is due to be released on November 20th. We are hoping to have caught both Agent 47 and the person responsible for hiring the hitman before the game is released. However, due to the sensitive nature of these enquiries, if we haven't been able to trace these men by that date, we will be requesting a ban on the release of the game so that the quality of our evidence is not put in jeopardy.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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