Desperate Escape

By splicegraph, 9 years ago
Capcom has revealed the latest details on the upcoming Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) DLC, unveiling the new campaign 'Desperate Escape' and another batch of wack costumes. The new campaign will follow Jill Valentine and BSAA Agent Josh Stone as they escape from the Tricell facility. Released at the same time will be a costume pack that contains a 'heavy metal' Chris and 'business' Sheva. Both DLCs will also feature two new playable characters each for the expanded Mercenaries Reunion mode. 'Desperate Escape' will be released for Xbox 360 on March 3, 2010.

No confirmation from Capcom on how much these items will cost, although it might be worthwhile to wait for the March 9th retail release of the 'Gold Edition' DVD. As previously reported, it will come with download tokens for the two new campaigns and the pair of costume packs with the original game for a very reasonable $50(USD). In addition to the six standard release costumes the 'Gold Edition' will also come with the completely wack Mad Max and Red Riding Hood outfits.

Desperate Escape Episode
Includes the Desperate Escape episode, EX figures, and two The Mercenaries Reunion characters.
Release date: 03/03/2010
Price: TBA

Costume Pack 2
Includes two costumes, EX figures, and two characters for The Mercenaries Reunion.
Release date: 03/03/2010
Price: TBA

Check out the link below for trailers of the new costumes:

Chris and Sheva Rock Out in New Costumes:

Gold Edition Costumes:

For details on the 'Lost in Nightmares' Episode:
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