GFWL Deal of the Week: June 26, 2012

By litepink, 6 years ago
This week’s deal yields a real-time strategy title exclusive to the PC at a low price.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (PC)$9.99/£9.99 $4.99/£4.99

This download will net you a potential of 1000 gamerscore. As many of you achievement fanatics may know, Dawn at War II was one of the first titles to reach 2000G through the Chaos Rising standalone expansion. The game and the expansion can be played separately but each offer their own 1000G that are added together to one base score.

If you’re just interested in Dawn of War II, this Deal of the Week is decently priced. If you want to potentially earn a full 2000 though, your best bet might be buying the physical Gold Edition of the game which contains both Dawn of War II and Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. The Gold Edition can be found on Amazon for pretty cheap; not too much more then this download and eligible for free super saver shipping if you have more shopping to do.

(Links to the Gold Edition on Amazon located here for the US and here for the UK)