Pid Presents Opposition Tango Trailer

By Chewie, 6 years ago
I'm starting to see a pattern emerging with the names of the charming trailers that are being released for upcoming XBLA 2D platformer So far we've had the Evolution Waltz show us how the game developed from concept to realisation, and the Core Mechanic March displayed the intricacies of the game's gameplay foundation: the beam. Today we can bring you the 'Opposition Tango', which reveals some of the obstacles and enemies you'll be facing in the game.

Pid is the first game from Sweden-based developer Might and Delight and will feature fast paced action, adventure and puzzling, as well as unique platforming mechanics and co-op modes. The trailer 'dances' and in-game music are composed by a group of musicians known as the Retro Family.

Pid is currently due for release on XBLA this year and we'll keep you updated once a firmer release date is announced. In the mean-time, check out all the Pid news so far here.
Written by Chewie
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