Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Shown Off Further

By Ellis Spice, 6 years ago
The last we saw of, it's safe to say that people were looking forward to this re-imagination of the 1980's vehicular simulation classic and couldn't wait to see more.

Well, wait no more! Bohemia Interactive today released four more screenshots to add to the few already seen in the announcement article, this time showing off some of the action as well a couple of the different viewpoints in the game.

Carrier 1

Carrier 2

Carrier 3

Carrier 4

The developers also gave a presentation at E3, where they went into detail describing the different parts of the game:

As you can see, the game contains three modes. The 'strategic campaign' plays as you'd expect, with the game being a mix of RTS and vehicular combat where the aim is to take over the islands, with random island positions and configable campaign options added in for good measure. The 'Gaea Mission' campaign, meanwhile, will be much more story-based, with similar vehicular combat shown off as well as the addition of First-Person Shooter sections, with this campaign acting as a sort of tutorial for the strategic campaign. Finally, there's the 'strategic mode', which allows you to select every element of a battle for the islands, including the resources you have and how many islands you start off with, meaning you could create a game that could be completed in a couple hours or a couple months, depending on your options.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is set for release on the Xbox 360 on September 27th, 2012.
Ellis Spice
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