Battlefield 3 Double XP for All Soldiers

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
DICE have been on a rampage with the double xp events for since their first one kicked off last month. Since then, we've seen the Premium Membership made available for purchase and the recent worldwide release of the "Close Quarters" DLC. Now it's time for players to enjoy another serving of double xp as DICE have revealed the details of the next xp event.

Those who own a Premium membership will be able to rake in twice as many points for an entire week, while non-Premium players only get the joy of double xp for two and a half days. DICE posted the info on the double xp event along with a handy time conversion tool:

July Double XP event
What: Double your net score after every round
Who: All players
When: July 2-8 for Premium members, July 2-4 for non-Premium members
Starts: 00:01 PDT/07:01 UTC July 2 (click link for handy time conversion tool)
Ends for non-Premium members: 13:00 PDT/20:00 UTC July 4
Ends for Premium members: 23:59 PDT July 8/06:59 UTC July 9
Becoming a colonel really doesn't get much easier than this. Especially with the mass amounts of points players can rack up from the "Close Quarters" action!

As per usual, Double XP is awarded as "additional points" at the end of each match. Double XP can only be gained from any map and game mode so long as the server is ranked. Players going "Back to Karkand" for their fix will also recieve double xp, as will players on the "Close Quarters" DLC maps too.
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