Zombeer Announced

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
It's no secret that I enjoy a good beer every now and then, but, until today, I was not aware that a good pint could actually save my life.

Today, Moonbite, a European studio of games and animation based in Spain, revealed their latest game creation, Zombeer, which combines two of my favorite things: brewed alcohol and zombies.

Billed as a first-person-survival-horror-comedy-shooter, Zombeer is set in a dark and near future where a mysterious plague is turning the world's population into zombies. Gamers will play as the main character, simply named "K", who wakes up in a Mexican bar after a night of "overindulging" not feeling quite right. Unlike the usual hang-over, "K" feels dizzy and disoriented and soon realizes that he's been bitten by a zombie and the virus inside of him is slowly taking over. In a moment of Bill Brasky-inspired genius, "K" realizes that the only way to keep the virus at bay is to continue drinking beer. The key is, as always, to drink in moderation because overdoing it will cause him to lose control.

Carlos Fernandez, CEO of Moonbite thinks fans will enjoy Zombeer's blend of scatalogical humor:

Thanks to our creative team and our background in animation, we’ve designed Zombeer as a horror comedy full of action and beer, which is perfectly true to our tastes. Our team is very passionate about pop culture so the game proudly features many references to movies, comic books and games that we like. We have said that if Zombeer had a fragrance, it would be a mix between Las Vegas and a Tijuana dive bar. We can’t wait to unveil it and feed our fans with more videos and images of crazy and naughty zombies until the game releases!
Moonbite has an announcement trailer, plus two character trailers that are VERY NSFW.

Again, these next two trailers are NSFW in a very Saints Row style.

Zombeer is due to be released on "HD Consoles" at the end of the year.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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