Hitman: Absolution Hides a Body

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago

To: Hope City Police Force
From: Insp. B. Fournier
Date: June 29th, 2012
Subject: Missing person investigation

Three days ago, Tyler Colvin was reported as a missing person by his girlfriend, Carly Bennett . She is becoming increasingly concerned about his disappearance, especially with all of the recent events in Hope City. Colvin was last seen outside his girlfriend's house on Main Street at 12PM on Tuesday, June 26th.

29/6/12 Hope News Times 8

I am a little concerned regarding rumours that are spreading around the department that Tyler was murdered. These all stem from a piece of 'artwork' sent in to us from one of Bennett's neighbours depicting his so-called eye-witness account.

29/6/12 Hope News 8 Screenshot

This man is a known fantasist and I strongly believe that the concerns over the possibility of Agent 47 being in the area has fuelled this 'eyewitness account'. No witnesses in the area, including the nearby scrapyard, reported shouting, screaming or sounds of a struggle. I don't believe that somebody being pushed into an oil tank would not make any noise and we shouldn't be taking this picture with any seriousness.

Please can we continue to treat this as an unrelated case to the mass shootings in Chicago and Hope City Social Club, the previous murders of Joe the Plumber, Gavin LeBlond and Josh Wiggins, the fatality at the McCready residence and the incident that caused the death of Fred Clark. This will remain a missing person enquiry until evidence is presented to the contrary.

Our enquiries into the whereabouts of Agent 47 are also continuing. Io Interactive is still unable or unwilling to provide us with any further information. They claim that the release of the upcoming video game, Hitman: Absolution, on November 20th is much more important than capturing a murder suspect. We will continue in our pursuit for their co-operation.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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