Halo 4 Multiplayer Map Revealed

By Mr J Muffin, 6 years ago
Who here likes playing in the snow? Who among us enjoys playing Halo multiplayer? If you answered yes to either of those, I've got some good news for you. If you answered yes to both, then do I have some especially good news for you. 343 Industries has revealed one of the multiplayer maps to be featured in their upcoming game Halo 4. Titled "Longbow", it's a classic snow-filled Halo map, continuing the tradition of the series. Here is 343i's official statement:

From Sidewinder to Containment to Snowbound to Avalanche, Halo has a long multiplayer map history speckled with various virtual snow-filled expanses. That history continues into Halo 4 with Longbow.
If you're into the behind-the-scenes kind of stuff with maps and whatnot, you can check out the entire blog post here.

343i wouldn't leave us hanging with just a name and some details, of course, so they posted some screenshots of the new map as well:

Longbow 1

Longbow 2

Longbow 3

Longbow 4

For those of you interested in the overall progress of the game, 343i has said on their blog that Campaign is playable from start to finish, albeit with a few bugs and some work still needing to be done, with Spartan Ops in a similar state. Halo 4 is due out for a worldwide release of November 6th, 2012.