Behind the Scenes of Dance Central 3

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Harmonix is well known for it's stake in the rhythm game genre, and to further boost the bass under its feet is the next installment in their rhythmic dancing franchise, Dance Central 3. Featuring a throwback to the seventies with some disco, as well as new advancements in their four player head to head battle mode, fans who wish to own the night with some uprocking and fist pumping are in for a treat. Thus far, we have covered some boombastic screenshots and of course the gameplay reveal.

To help you feel the heat with some boogie to the boogity beat, the folks at Harmonix recently released some behind the scenes footage from E3. Also, remember if you are too drunk to work a controller all you have to do is wave your hands and the hot-stepper is immediatley rockin'.

Whether you want to grind or shake your money maker at home, alone or with firends, you can get your groove on this Fall when Dance Central 3 is released.