Godfather II gets delayed

By Elite Hero, 10 years ago
EA have revealed that The Godfather part deux has been delayed after previously announcing that the game was pushed forward from its original date of March 6th for all of 24 hours before being moved to February 27th but now we have the definite date of April 10th (April 7th for our American compatriots because it takes three days to translate from American to English....) Which means Godfather II has had more release dates then well things that I haven't had three of, I'm sorry it's late and I am low on inspiration.

The excuse you ask, well according to the gospel of CEO John Riccitiello "Godfather II, we're moving it to Q1 Fiscal Year 2010, providing a better launch window and more time for longer lead marketing." Sounds like a great reason to me especially since in recent a interview with another EA executive who claimed that the game was actually finished, maybe the dog ate it? Leaves on the line? Who knows?

So pencil this in very faintly for April 10th

Also affected by EA's marketing strategy was The Sims 3 and Dragon Age Online but who cares? They are not on Xbox.