Microsoft's Music Marketplace Memorandum

By Kirsco, 9 years ago
Microsoft has released a new Music Marketplace to change the way in which you buy music for your various music based games. This includes Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Lips titles.

Their press release says:
Sick of caroling? Do the jingle bell rock! The new Xbox LIVE Music Games Stores open December 22 making it easier than ever to find and choose from more than 1300 tracks for your favorite music games: “Rock Band” (MTV Games), “Rock Band 2” (MTV Games), “The Beatles: Rock Band” (MTV Games),“Lego Rock Band” (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), “Guitar Hero® 5” (Activision), “Guitar Hero® World Tour” (Activision/Red Octane), “Band Hero™” (Activision), “Lips” (Microsoft Game Studios), and “Lips: Number One Hits” (Microsoft Game Studios). There’s no need to argue between Metallica and the Beatles – search, sort, and preview clips from songs in one convenient place on the new Music Marketplace on Xbox LIVE
This is, of course, a fantastic idea and sources indicate that there will be separate tabs for each game to avoid confusion about which songs can be played on what game. Hopefully this doesn't create confusion by allowing gamers to access songs for games they don't own.

With over 1300 songs, it's about time they were all moved in to one convenient marketplace!