Two New Characters Included In Awesomenauts Patch

By Graymouse 1, 6 years ago
More information on the much anticipated patch for Awesomenauts is slowly being released in the form of Awsomenauts Community Addresses. This time Ronimo Games announces that the patch will contain two new characters named Coco Nebulon and Derpl Zork. Unfortuantely, at this time we only have information on one character, Coco Nebulon. Whom you can read about below.

Coco Nebulon. Coco is the first female to join the ranks of the Awesomenauts, and she is a fast-moving melee character with great crowd control abilities. Her first skill is a lightning ball that she can detonate mid-flight, with the resulting explosion knocking enemies away. This skill can be used to move players away, as well as knock them closer towards you to prevent their escape. Her second skill spews a trail of lightning particles from her hoverboard that slows and deals damage to enemies they hit.
Ronimo Games stated that more information will be released about Derpl Zork in a future Community Address. Also, they said that Coco and Derpl will not be the last characters to join the Awesomenauts and that every new character will also be supplied with new descriptions, stories and items. There still is not a timeline for the release of the patch. As soon as we find out more we will pass it along to everyone.