Namco Bandai Joins Games On Demand

By WeisGuy9, 9 years ago
Namco Bandai has just announced that it will immediately begin making available many of its classic games to the XBL Games on Demand service, as well as the PSN Network. To kick things off, Ridge Racer 6 is now available for 1600 MSP, to be followed by Beautiful Katamari in the first quarter of 2010.

Namco says that future releases will also be making their way to the download service as well. According to VP of online development, Robert Stevenson:

“Through this initiative, our consumers will have access to our latest releases, bestsellers, and hard to find classics with the press of a button.”
Great gaming made easy! What more needs to be said?

Let us know what games the community here at TA would like to see made available.

Hit the external link to cram Ridge Racer 6 into your hard drive.