The Third Annual Bean Dive Approaches!

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Last year, we brought your attention to the second annual Bean Dive Day, a community wide event that invites you to put all those backlog games you own onto your tag by popping a single achievement in them, so you can stop pretending that they don't exist.

We have an exciting new feature for this year's Dive that will make seeing what games you and your friends are Diving even easier:

The Bean Dive 2012 Hub!

As the intro on the hub states, this will be your one stop shop for all things Dive related. You can also register from here and tell us all the games you intend to dive. Through the magic of the hub, the site will keep track of how many you successfully get on your tag! You can also use this to easily see what other Divers are working on and to see the latest news and threads related to the event.

Additionally, you can post your list into your blog and give that blog a nice, obvious, Bean Dive-related title so your friends know what that list is all about. Also, just like last year, you can sumit the games you're intending to dive in the Bean Diving Board thread.

Of course, the Bean Dive, conceived by our very own Beanpotter, is about more than just putting your unplayed games on your tag. Starting so many games will naturally mean that your completion percentage will plummet - which gives the event it's name.

The true goal of the event is to recover your lost completion percentage by the start of next year's Dive, which takes place annually on July 7th. For those of you keeping track, that means you only have three more days to fix the damage that was done last year before jumping in this year!

How does one go about recovering from the Bean Dive? Now that you have those games tracked, just go ahead and work through them. For multiplayer projects, you can take advantage of the gaming sessions here on TA. Just remember that your goal is to get your completion percentage back to recovery before the next annual Bean Dive Day on July 7th, 2013. Since that's your goal anyway, why not go ahead and set one so that you can track how close you get to recovery throughout the year?

Also, for those of you still participating in the Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge, there's a special contest lined up this week just for Bean Diving. For full details, head over here. You'll notice from the hub that some of the GTASC competitors have already started their Dives, as the contest is running for the whole of this week. If you also want to start diving early, feel free! Keep in mind that Bean Diving is open for ALL, there is just a special perk for those still involved on the GTASC.

Good luck with your Dives, and don't forget to register! Feel free to share you Bean Dive stories below and to tell us how deep you intend to Dive!

You can also follow the event and share your progress with the TA Community on:

- Twitter, with the hashtag #TABeanDive
- Facebook on the Events tab
- Google+ on our dedicated Events page.

Whatever your network of choice, be sure to dive in and meet some more of the TA community! That's all folks!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
Michelle is the Assistant Manager of the Newshounds at TrueAchievements and has been a member of staff since 2010. When not contributing to gaming websites, she makes her living as a mild-mannered librarian. She can be compelled to play just about anything if there's a co-op component, and has been playing games with friends and siblings since the Atari 2600. As it's reportedly healthy to have hobbies outside of gaming, she also roots for some of the most difficult sporting franchises to root for, the New York Mets and New York Jets, but offsets that by rooting for the New Jersey Devils. She's also seen pretty much none of the movies you have, but she's working on that.