More Persona 4: Arena Move Videos

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The onslaught of media for Atlus' upcoming brawler continues today with the release of three more move videos and the introduction of another character. The first character to get their own move video is Aigis. The anti-Shadow android was created by the Kirijo Group and is otherwise known as The Heartless Armed Angel.

The second move video is for Akihiko Sanada. He is the captain of the Gekkoukan High boxing team and is otherwise known as The Two-Fisted Protein Junkie.

The third character to get the move video treatment is Mitsuru Kirijo. She is the daughter of the head of the Kirijo Group and is the heir to the corporation. She is also the president of the Gekkoukan High School Student Council and is otherwise known as the Imperious Queen of Executions.

As promised, we're also revealing a new character today: Yukiko Amagi

The heir to the Amagi Inn and a 3rd-year at Yasogami High. Though smart and polite, she can be quite spacey… She and Chie are longtime friends. Her fans and Persona, Konohana Sakuya, let her attack at range.
5/7/12 Yukiko character art 1

5/7/12 Yukiko character art 2

5/7/12 Yukiko screenshot 1

5/7/12 Yukiko screenshot 2

Yukiko will also have a variety of colour options for customization:

5/7/12 Yukiko customization 1

5/7/12 Yukiko customization 2

5/7/12 Yukiko customization 3

5/7/12 Yukiko customization 4

5/7/12 Yukiko customization 5

5/7/12 Yukiko customization 6

5/7/12 Yukiko customization 7

5/7/12 Yukiko customization 8

Persona 4: Arena is due to be released on July 26th in Japan and August 7th in North America. The release date for Europe is yet to be confirmed.
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