Anarchy Reigns Bombards Us With Trailers

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago, or Max Anarchy as the game is known in Platinum Games' native country, was released today in Japan. To celebrate this fact, the platinumgames Youtube channel exploded with videos today, and we decided to bring these to your attention. All of them.

The first video shows the Battle Royale game mode. The mode brings up to 16 players together for a fight for the highest number of points. Anything goes here, and the aim is to string together attacks to unlock better moves. However, getting knocked out puts the player back at the beginning of the chain. Bonus points are awarded for revenge kills against the player who last killed you. Other bonuses are awarded for use of surrounding objects.

The second video shows the Tag Match game mode. The mode puts players in teams of two where they duke it out for the highest amount of points. Co-operation is key to winning the game. The Two Plato move sees both players grab an opponent at the same time causing extra damage. In contrast, Sparta Formation allows both players to gather in close proximity and build a solid barrier to withstand the onslaught of attacks.

The third video shows the Mad of War competitive game mode. I can't find any details that describe this game mode, but it does look pretty chaotic and sees players moving from arena to arena.

Three videos may not seem like that many, which is why I have another 16 character illustration videos for you. There is one for every character in the game with the exception of Bayonetta, who was a pre-order bonus that is currently limited to Japan only. Each video puts the character on the equivalent of a showroom floor, where we can watch a full 360o inspection of the character in normal mode, before we watch the transitions to and from combat mode. To make sure that the loading time for this article didn't become prohibitive, we've just included hyperlinks to each of the videos on Youtube itself. Click on the character's name to watch the show.

Ai Rin
Big Bull
Black Baron
Douglas Williamsburg
Edgar Oinkie
Fei Rin
Jack Cayman
Leonhardt Victorion
Maximillian Caxton
Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin

To round off today's media onslaught, I have a video showing Maximillian Caxton's special combo move:

Anarchy Reigns is due to be released in Europe and North America in Q1 2013.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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