Winners: June Monthly Sweepstakes

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
The next three lucky winners are in after our Newshounds debated which LEGO set they'd most like to see. It was a fierce fought battle, but we have our top three.

First, is Daeryoon who wins 12 Months of Xbox LIVE Gold for the following suggestion:

LEGO G.I. Joe - plenty of chracters to choose from, and lots of awesomely horrible dialogue from the original cartoons. It would be a good apology for where they have taken the franchise and the live action movie they came out with.

The cartoon was full of great puns and one-liners. It would be an easy switch. And us gamers from that generation are making money and having families now.
Next up, it's 800MSP to Oobgarm:

LEGO Spaceballs.

I'd love to play as LEGO Pizza the Hut, Dark Helmet, Major Asshole or Gunner's Mate First Class Philip Asshole.

And the Winnebago would be great.

Going "plaid" could be a neat powerup, and maybe even Michael Winslow could provide some voices.
And finally, it's third place to Jaggexedge who would like to see a classic hit the bricks:

I would have to go with Lego Star Trek.

It provides Lego with so much material to work with: Characters, Stories, Vehicles. It would interesting to see what kind of aliens they could come up with, what crossovers can transpire, and what famous set pieces they can poke fun at.
Thanks to all for entering and letting your minds run wild. There were quite a few suggestions that really did get me thinking! Who doesn't love LEGO sets?

We'll be back soon with more prizes!