Rambo: The Videogame Announced

By Chewie, 6 years ago
It was only last week that we broke the news that Sylvester Stallone and co.'s action fest The Expendables 2 would be heading to XBLA soon. If that wasn't enough virtual gurning for you, today we can also reveal that Sly has leant his likeness to another movie tie-in with Rambo: The Videogame.
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Craig Lewis, the Commercial Director of the game's publishers Reef Entertainment, had the following to say:
‘We have been quiet since we acquired the Rambo license last August. During this time we have been dedicated to creating a videogame for consoles and PC that will allow Rambo fans and gamers across the globe to really get under the skin of Rambo and wield his iconic weapon-set in battle.’
Bear in mind that 'consoles' may not include the Xbox, but we're hopeful that our favourite one-man war machine will soon be making his début on our favourite games machine.
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There's no word on whether this game will be an original story, or a play-through of one or more of the four existing Rambo films. I suppose if it involves Rambo taking on a small army all by himself, then it'll be pretty much representative of all of the films. As my good friend and sociopath John J Rambo often says, 'When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing.'

There's no release date currently set for Rambo: The Videogame, but set your sights to TA as more news develops. A playable version of the game will be unveiled at this year's Gamescom in Cologne in August, so look for more info around then.
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Written by Chewie
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