Activision Announces The Walking Dead Video Game

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Just like the flesh-eating undead plague starts mysteriously with one sick person before infecting much of the world, Robert Kirkman's zombie series, The Walking Dead, has gone from a quiet favorite among comic book readers to a media monster taking over the free time of millions with a successful TV series, toys, and video games. Despite Telltale Games' five-part arcade series currently coming out every few months, Activision has secured the rights to tell their own story based directly off the AMC television series.

The Walking Dead Video Game will take place before the events of the TV show and focus on fraternal hunters, Daryl and Merle Dixon, as they fight for their lives to make it to Atlanta where rumors of rescue call their attention. This first-person shooter won't be about slaughtering zombies by the dozens a la though. To capture the feel of the show, gameplay will emphasize stealth and averting danger in a dangerous world where supplies are scarce and survivors are few, far between, and not always friendly.

Check out this debut teaser, exclusive to IGN.

For now, not much about gameplay has been revealed, though according to Activision, players will control Daryl through the story. If there is any co-op, it hasn't been announced yet. As you meet survivors on your journey, you have the option of having them join you or not, and tough decisions like these and others will help make the game's universe match that of the television show.

Plenty more about this game should be announced over the coming months. Keep it here as we approach The Walking Dead Video Game's 2013 release date. For more on the game, head to the official website.

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