Even More Minecraft Skins Revealed

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 6 years ago
If the many skins previously revealed for https://www.trueachievements.com/Minecraft-xbox-360.htm weren't enough (Banjo, Clayton Carmine and 'Splosion Man being amongst the many) weren't enough, another batch of skins has been revealed as part of the upcoming "Skin Pack 1":


From left to right, these are: SquidMan, Master Chief, Old-School Trials Evolution, ‘Splosion Man’s Scientist Danklef and a Wizard.

Here's some screens of the crew hanging out and building together:

Minecraft Skin Screen 1 8/7/12

Minecraft Skin Screen 2 8/7/12

Minecraft Skin Screen 3 8/7/12

Minecraft Skin Screen 4 8/7/12

The upcoming update will include an option to switch between the default character skins, but those looking for premium options will have over 40 options to choose from in the pack.

“Skin Pack 1” will be available sometime this month and is expected to land alongside the upcoming update. The pack will cost just 160 MSP.

Thanks to the community members who sent this one in!