Kinect PlayFit Dashboard App Released In US

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
The Xbox Dashboard re-design, which was introduced before the turn of the year has seen apps, apps, and more apps make an appearance on the "biggest interactive TV service in the world".

Do you feel that all those TV apps have encouraged you to become a couch potato over the last six months or so? Well, enough of that, as Microsoft has now released an app to counteract all that laziness! Kinect PlayFit is a brand-new, fitness-orientated dashboard update aimed at getting you and your family even more involved in Kinect titles such as and

Chuck Frizelle, Executive Producer for Kinect PlayFit summarises the overall objective of the new app:
The goal of the app is to motivate families to get off the couch and reward them for having fun... We’re trying to show that Kinect is not only fun but healthy for you, too... Ultimately, Kinect PlayFit is a motivational tool. We want to motivate people to change their behavior and be more active
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The above screenshots show that the new app will pretty much be a stand-alone dashboard. Players will be able to view their daily, weekly, monthly, and overall calorie burn totals across a dozen Kinect titles at release. Microsoft has also confirmed that more titles will be added to the list in the future.

What's more, the inclusion of leaderboard functionality will also allow gamers to see how they shape up against their friends, as well as other gamers in a global comparison.

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I decided to leave the best bit of news until last. The Kinect PlayFit has 20 achievements attached to it! Microsoft certainly is learning the way to our hearts. Four of those achievements can be seen in another screenshot, below.

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The Kinect PlayFit has been released today in the US, and can be downloaded for free. Gamers elsewhere can expect the download to be available later this week.

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