Splinter Cell's CodeofConviction.com is up!

By Zach Cooper FBI, 8 years ago
Recently Ubisoft opened http://www.codeofconviction.com/ which is basically a site to promote the new Splinter Cell game coming out soon. The site asks you to enter some codes and someone out there on the wild tube yonder of the internet found that the first code you enter is "7694"

Now once you enter that code it will ask for your gamertag and E-mail address. It uses your gamertag info to give you a nifty little shout out on their twitter account here: http://twitter.com/code_conviction

Then once you enter the code + your info, you can then hop and skip to the marketplace to download their standard dashboard theme which you can find here. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/games/offers/033f0003-0000...

The theme basically puts an image of a rather old, tired and cranky dude on your dashboard which quite frankly looks more like a surly fisherman than a secret agent to me. Staring at you with his sea weathered eyes as he searches his pocket for a fisherman's friend cough drop.

While this theme may not shiver your timbers hopefully the three other spaces available for entering codes may swab your poop deck, hoist your mast and... I don't know, stabilize your rudder? Either way code of conviction will prolly be a gnarly game and overall it is kind of a neato marketing campaign.