Scans of Ninety Nine Nights 2 have appeared!

By Zach Cooper FBI, 8 years ago
Famitsu's X-box 360 division recently published a couple screens shots of the upcoming hack and slash Ninety Nine Nights 2! For those of you who haven't been blessed by playing the first, well you may consider yourself lucky but I rather enjoyed it and I like to think that says a lot!

Now then, from looking at the screenshots it would seem that some strange monsters in black armour are attacking everything and I am not quite sure what is going on but it seems like the mysterious elf lady you never got to play as in the first game may be playable and she is not too happy about all this nonsense going on.

Also some screenshots seem to preview some rather suspicious looking characters who may or may not be the bad guys. I mean just because you're all dressed in more black than a depressed Johnny Cash and you have spiky things abound, doesn't mean you're evil right?

Also some big fiery monster which looks like it could be a boss, but just because you're a big scary fiery monster doesn't mean you're going to fight the player character. Who knows maybe "N3 2" (that's the snazzy way of saying Ninety Nine Nights 2 in short form, good for marketing and explaining things unless you really make an effort to point out what it is, kind of like what I am doing now.)

Ahem... Who knows maybe "N3 2" will be the game that challenges videogame stereotypes and truly our black clad heroes will rise up against the tyrannical rule of the busty elf lady and along with their big fire dog, lion or maybe dragon creature they will bring freedom to dress menacingly to the world! Then in the second chapter maybe everyone will get together, sing songs and bake each other cookies, delicious cookies that don't actually have any unnecessary calories, only pure nutritional value.

According to the site I found the screenshots on the game will also have 2 player co-op, DLC, voice chat and "scoreboards" so really I don't know how much you can read into that but hey there you go!

I for one am looking forward to this game and I really hope that it continues and helps make sense of the original!

And remember if you want to check out the screenshots for yourself you can check the external link

Now excuse me as it is time for Zenquen's nap.