Persona 4: Arena Drops More Screens and Video

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Just when you think you're coming down to the end of related media, you realize there's quite a bit more to come. For example, while we've seen the character, Teddie, in action before, simple screenshots may not have done justice to his presence. This time around, we get to see him in motion thanks to this brand new trailer:

A video not enough for you? Well, fine, we have plenty of screens, too. Today's batch features Yu Narukami and Naoto Shirogane.

Yu Narukami
The young man who ended the case that rocked Inaba returns for the holidays, only to find a new mystery in the P-1 Grand Prix tournament. With his katana and Persona, Izanagi, he can hold his own in all aspects.

Yu's persona

Yu's Colorset 1

Yu's Colorset 2

Yu's Colorset 3

Yu's Colorset 4

Yu's Colorset 5

Yu's Colorset 6

Yu's Colorset 7

Yu's Colorset 8

Yu Screen 1

Yu Screen 2

Naoto Shirogane
The 5th generation of the Shirogane family of detectives. She is trusted by the police despite her age and investigated last year's murders. Her gun, traps, and Sukuna Hikona's instant death moves make her very dangerous.

Naoto's Persona

Naoto's Colorset 1

Naoto's Colorset 2

Naoto's Colorset 3

Naoto's Colorset 4

Naoto's Colorset 5

Naoto's Colorset 6

Naoto's Colorset 7

Naoto's Colorset 8

Naoto Screen 1

Naoto Screen 3

Persona 4: Arena is due to be released on July 26th in Japan and August 7th in North America. A Europe release date is yet to be confirmed.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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