Pid Screens

By Chewie, 6 years ago
A bunch of new screens have been released for, the debut game from Swedish developers Might and Delight.

The game is an eccentric XBLA side-scrolling platformer, with a unique beam-movement gameplay mechanic. Players step into the shoes of a young schoolboy who is trapped on a mysterious and enigmatic planet. I highly recommend you check out our previous coverage for the game here, including some more screens, concept art and some truly charming trailers.

Today's screens display some of the varying dream-like locations of the game, which range from a cave, an attic, a sitting room, a city, a castle and a space station.

12/07/12 - Screen 1

12/07/12 - Screen 2

12/07/12 - Screen 3

12/07/12 - Screen 4

12/07/12 - Screen 5

12/07/12 - Screen 6

12/07/12 - Screen 7

12/07/12 - Screen 8

12/07/12 - Screen 9

12/07/12 - Screen 10

12/07/12 - Screen 11

12/07/12 - Screen 12

12/07/12 - Screen 13

12/07/12 - Screen 14

Pid is currently due for release on XBLA this year. We'll keep you updated as more details are revealed.
Written by Chewie
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