LEGO Lord of the Rings Screens

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Since May's quasi-announcement that Traveller's Tales would be dipping their blocky toes into the world of Mordor with, we've only been able to provide you with a rousing teaser trailer for the next iteration of the hugely popular LEGO video game franchise.

Today, we can also bring you some screenshots for the game and what looks like possible box art. All of our favourite orc-bashers are featured in action, including Frodo, Gimli, Legolas, Aragon, Gandalf...and Sam - all rendered in tiny, blocky, loveliness.

13/07/12 - Screen 2

13/07/12 - Screen 3

13/07/12 - Screen 4

13/07/12 - Screen 5

13/07/12 - Screen 6

13/07/12 - Screen 7

13/07/12 - Screen 1

LEGO Lord of the Rings is scheduled for a Fall 2012 release.
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Written by Chewie
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