Assassin's Creed III Boston Walkthrough Video

By Kendrene, 6 years ago
I find myself forced to retract a previous statement: Agent 47 is not the most famous assassin of all time. I extend my humble apologies to the Brotherhood of the Assassins, unrivaled Masters of stealth, shadows and murder. I am grateful to have been given a chance to redeem myself with this article and the hidden blade poised to strike at the back of my neck has absolutely nothing to do with my repentance. Truly.

In this walkthrough video for, we follow Connor as he travels the perilous roads of Boston. The developers have modified the way sidequests are assigned to players, thus integrating them flawlessly into the main game. New cover options are available, so that Connor will now be able to use walls to hide from prying eyes or ambush unsuspecting guardsmen.

The crowd now reacts more believably to weather and what happens around them. Would be assassins should consider this and be wary as the crowd can be a huge help when planning an assassination, or turn into an hindrance if innocents are involved. Combat flow has also been improved and is definitely faster paced.

Assassin's Creed III takes you to the New World on October 30th in North America and October 31st everywhere else.