Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Double XP Event

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
With the "Arctic Strike" DLC confirmed and making its way to consoles on July 17th, Ubisoft are treating the dedicated soldiers of to some Double XP up until the DLC releases.

The details revealed in the previous article gave us a quick rundown of what's to come with the DLC. ALongside the announcement of the Double XP event, Ubisoft have also released screens and more info on the upcoming Stockade game mode. As I try to compare Stockade's style to game modes from other games, I've quickly come to realise it would be best to let Ubisoft do the explaining for this one:

Stockade is an exciting and fun objective-based adversarial gametype, where the situation can be turned around in seconds.

· When players die they go to a respawn queue - the "Stockade".
· When a player gets a kill, one dead teammate gets freed from the Stockade.
· Completing an objective frees all of their teammates from the Stockade.

The overall objective in Stockade is simple: eliminate the entire enemy team before time expires. In the event of a tie, teamwork points are used to determine the winner. Stockade is playable on all 13 multiplayer maps.
So what happens if one team gets no kills and doesn't complete any objectives? Instant win for the opposing team? We could be in for some seriously short matches!

Ubisoft also released a new screen for each of the new playable maps for multiplayer and the single map from Guerilla mode:

Adversial Maps

Arctic Strike Screens

Arctic Strike Screens

Arctic Strike Screens

Guerilla Mode
Arctic Base
Arctic Strike Screens

The Double XP event is live now until July 17th so be sure to dive into the multiplayer action with High Speed, Low Drag, and get one of your three characters to level 50.

The "Arctic Strike" DLC will be available for download on July 17th for 800 MSP.
Ashley Woodcock
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