Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bikini DLC

By SgtDigglesworth, 7 years ago
NAMCO BANDAI is generating quite a buzz with their sequel to a classic brawler with the upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. We have delivered thus far, a curvy trailer. a jaw breaking promo trailer and an item use trailer.

Recently more information regarding pre-order DLC has surfaced. When you pre-order Tekken Tag Tournament 2, you will receive the Snoop Dogg Knocc Em' Down DLC, and the four bonus characters. NAMCO BANDAI has also added over 150 bikini outfits for all of the playable characters. Here is a trailer to give you an idea of what these outfits will look like.

Are you excited for some scantily clad combat? You will be able to get your hands on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 when it is released on September 14th.

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