Dragon Age: Origins Expansion Coming Soon

By WeisGuy9, 8 years ago
Bioware has officially announced a March 16 release date for a new Dragon Age: Origins campaign expansion entitled Awakening. The expansion is written and developed by the same team at Bioware that gave us the original amazing story.

The expansion will be released on disc for a retail price of $39.99 USD and will require the original game in order to play.

Features are to include an entirely new region, called Amaranthine, and is set after the original adventure. The new storyline will focus on rebuilding the order of the Grey Wardens and what to do about the continuing threat of the Darkspawn. Seems that slaying that Archdemon guy didn't work out all that well.

Players can import existing characters or start with an entirely new character from the kingdom of Orlais. As an added cool bonus, players can also re-spec their existing characters, if they so desire. The AI has been upgraded as well, to include smarter Darkspawn and new enemies. We may even figure out the motivation behind the Darkspawn and their annoying habit of trying to wipe out humanity every few hundred years or so.

My birthday is in late March, so anyone agonizing over what to get me now has the perfect gift idea!