Arctic Strike in Ghost Recon: Future Solider

By litepink, 6 years ago
After a slight delay, the first bit of downloadable content for has arrived. This pack includes several new maps for both multiplayer and Guerilla mode. Also, there’s the new multiplayer mode, new guns and a level cap increase. “Arctic Strike” has two new achievements worth 35G.

• “Arctic Base” Guerrilla map. • Brand New “Stockade” multiplayer mode. In this mode, every time you get killed you are sent to the Stockade. Each defeated enemy will enable your team to free one of their squad members, or you can complete an objective to free all squad members from the Stockade at once. Game ends when all opposing team members are jailed in the Stockade. • Three adversarial multiplayer maps. Riot: Ghosts and Bodark struggle for control of a desolate wasteland. Skyline: This skyscraper’s rooftop is a two-level CQB nightmare. Evicted: Old-school Soviet architecture becomes tomorrow’s battlefield when combat spills into a sleepy residential neighborhood. • Six exclusive weapons. Assault Rifles Ghost: F2000 Bodark: CZS805 Personal Defense Rifles Ghost: Mk17 PDW Bodark: OCP-11 Sub Machine Guns Ghost: BT MP9 Bodark: Type 05 JS • New achievements and a +10 level cap increase. ACCESSING “ARCTIC STRIKE DLC PACK” CONTENT REQUIRES LATEST PATCH TO BE INSTALLED.

The “Arctic Strike DLC Pack” is available now for 800 MSP, and can be downloaded here