Minecraft and Hybrid Announce Crossover Unlocks

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
Everyone loves when two great things come together: chocolate & peanut butter, pizza and beer, pickles and ice cream (so I'm told), cats & YouTube, the list really could go on forever.

In this vein of two great things coming together, 5th Cell and Mojang, the developers behind https://www.trueachievements.com/Hybrid-xbox-360.htm and https://www.trueachievements.com/Minecraft-xbox-360.htm respectively, have announced a special crossover partnership where gamers can unlock features to be used in each game.

In Hybrid, once players reach Level 20, they will have access to Creeper or Steve helmets from Minecraft, depending on their faction. On the flip side, Minecraft players will gain access to Hybrid themed avatars. Furthermore, victory helmets will be offered to winning Hybrid players while the "Bag O' Shame" helmet will be offered to the losers.

As you might expect, 5th Cell and Mojang have released a bevy of screenshots to assault your eye holes.

Hybrid Screens

Crossover 15

Crossover 14

Crossover 13

Crossover 12

Crossover 11

Crossover 10

Crossover 9

Crossover 8

Crossover 7

Crossover 6

Crossover 5

Crossover 4

Crossover 3

Crossover 2

Crossover 1

Minecraft Screens
Crossover 3

Crossover 2

Crossover 1

Hybrid will cost 1200 MSP and is set for an August 8th release on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Be sure to check out our impressions from their Beta here.
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