Presenting...Avatar Famestar

By litepink, 7 years ago
Microsoft has introduced a new cross-game rewards program that sounds like a mix between achievements, avatar awards, and Ubisoft's Uplay.

Avatar Famestar

Future and current releases are set to receive Avatar Famestar support, starting with this week's What is Avatar Famestar? They are challenges you can complete in-game, very similar to what achievements are now. Upon completing these challenges, you'll earn Famestar points which you can spend on gear and such for your avatar. Points can be pooled across several supported titles. At this time, the exact details of what items you can earn weren't detailed, nor how you'll be able to redeem them.

Besides Wreckateer, Microsoft plans on including Famestar support into upcoming titles such as Avatar Motorcross Madness, Fire Pro Wrestling, and Homerun Stars. In addition, past releases and will receive Famestar support too.

The Fire Pro Wrestling game for XBLA has been floating around since 2010, but there hasn't been much info on the game since it was first revealed. The game will feature avatars, which fits well with the Avatar Famestar implementation.

Fire Pro Wrestling (this is not Avatar Motocross Madness, the image is just filed here)

Then there's Homerun Stars, which is said to be one of the first games to feature Smart Glass. This arcade game will also utilize Kinect and Avatar Famestar. The Microsoft Studios blog PlayXBLA unveiled a "secret screenshot" that really looks like it came from Homerun Stars.

Homerun Stars (not Avatar Motocross Madness, image is just filed here)

The release dates haven't been announced for either Fire Pro Wrestling or Homerun Stars, but with Microsoft mentioning them as having Famestar support, this hints they are coming soon. We'll know more about Avatar Famestar when it launches with Wreckateer this week.