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By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
It was a little over a year ago when DavieMarshall, our previous inquisitor, approached me about taking up the charge of handling our Community Interviews. At first, I was hesitant, "Am I really the man-child for the job?" After several exchanged messages, a few bribes, and the assurance that I'd never have to interview Thad Chrisbane of Flint, Michigan (he knows what he did), I agreed to serve as the inquisitor.

Over this past year and change we've had some fun, shared some laughs, met some gamers, and put some extraneous hyperlinks on the front page. Now, it's time for me to step aside and let someone else handle the duties of the inquisition. While the reasons for stepping aside are hard to explain, one thing is certain: in the words of the immortal Freddie Mercury, the show must go on.

With that in mind, it is my pleasure to introduce our new inquisitors.

What's this? Inquisitors? Did obj make another one of his famous mistakes of spelling and/or grammar?
Nay, good gamers, there is no mistake. We will have not one but TWO Newshounds handling Community Interviews. With that, I'd like to hand the pulpit over to our new inquisitors: Kendrene and N0T PENNYS B0AT for a few words.

Kendrene said:
I lost count of the nights I spent plotting and scheming to steal osubluejacket's job. I now realize that I did it all wrong and should have searched for a partner in crime from the start. And who better than our resident LOST expert, N0T PENNY'S B0AT? You sure need an inquisitive, scheming-bent mind to follow all that goes on in that show! wink

As I am getting comfortable down here in the torture chamber I'd like to tell you what I'd like to see from our future victims. Wait, what? We aren't supposed to call them that? Is test subjects ok?

I started playing with interviews to get to know the gamers that keep company to my friends' feed. I wanted to know what got them into gaming, but I also wanted to meet the person behind the gamertag. So, that is what I am looking for in YOU future candidate. Do you have hobbies? A funny story or some life tips to share? What brought you to TrueAchievements? The more information you send to the team with your application be it written, pictures or your favorite YouTube video, the more tailored the interview is going to be on you as an interesting individual. I'd like to get to know you better through my questions and so does the community, but there is only so much your gamer card and stats can tell me. Be funny, interesting, wise, charming, but above all be yourself and tell us about it.
As this is a gaming website, I'm always curious to hear your thoughts on upcoming titles, past favorites, and industry news. But beyond that, I'll really be drawn to candidates that have interesting 'real-life' stories or opinions. You don't need to have wrestled a bear or gone naked skydiving, but I want to showcase the person behind the Gamertag, not just their gaming history. What kinds of things interest you beyond gaming? What other media fills your time and what are your hobbies? Things like that.

My goal is to sufficiently introduce the community interviewee to everyone reading so that they feel they have been given their fair share of the spotlight. I had a lot of fun being the interviewee last year, and I hope to keep things interesting now as one of the two new interviewers.
With this peaceful transition of power, there are a few small changes. First and foremost, we're bringing BACK Community Nominations for interviews. Feel free to let us know who YOU want to see interviewed. Secondly, all Community Interview nominations and applications should be sent to our News Manager, Matrarch who will vet candidates before sending them on to our inquisitors.

On a final note, I want wish the best of luck to NPB and Kendrene and thank everyone that I've had the privilege to interview. All joking aside, you guys & gals have been a blast! Now all that's left is for me to step aside with quiet dignity and grace.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan has been a news/views contributor since 2010. When he's not writing reviews, features, and opinion pieces, he spends his days working as an informal science educator and his nights as an international man of mystery.